Your passion

Every year, with the same curiosity, we are asking what our goal or aim is in organising the International Felice Gimondi Bianchi Granfondo. This question has been resurfacing on a regular basis for almost a quarter of a century.

And the other question, a sort of dilemma, is how to maintain the same enthusiasm and motivations to be successful in something we believe that we’ve always been successful at it. The answer is concealed behind an apparent contradiction: our race, despite being destined to amateur cyclists, is renowned to be organised with obsessive care. Many thank us and admire us for this, others; Think that we are too “excited”, as if it was a professional race.

Where’s the contradiction? Here it is: we are not attempting to organise a race for professionals, despite a champion like Vincenzo Nibali could safely and gladly cycle beside the Great Felice Gimondi, our icon, on our track. What we wished to guarantee to the thousands of people who attended the race, is not an illusion but simply happiness to live a special day: cycling, being together, find yourself and let loose.

We believe that there is hope, game, fun and lot of desire to be a child, even for a few hours, anywhere there is a bicycle. Wasn’t indeed that first little bicycle that our
parents gave us as a gift, the first playmate, the first instrument through which we discovered freedom, balance and fair game? This is the reason why every year we do our best to make you experience that childhood joy and renew an emotion that never fades away.

Your passion and our attention: this is how the perfect loop is closed. Continue pedalling, we think of all the rest.