The Granfondo

The International Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi Bianchi is an international competition for cyclists, named after the great champion from Bergamo Felice Gimondi and which takes place in Bergamo in May. This event on the road is suitable for cyclists at any level and age, and it is the only competition in Lombardy featured in the prestigious U.C.I. calendar. In addition to the purely sports aspect, the International Felice Gimondi is a truly “popular-cultural” event that further encourages and stimulates local tourism.

Since the beginning, for 22 years, every edition of Grandfondo has been dedicated to one of the great performance of Felice Gimondi’s career. The selected “celebration” is also the lietmotiv of the event as well as the graphic theme of the official edition. In 2018 we will celebrate the win at the Vuelta Espana and the jersey dedicated to the event has the colour of this land: yellow and red, the colours which convey the Mediterranean feeling of warmth and passion, the same feeling we share with the near Spain.

One of the key notes of the event is the ‘’slow ride’’ philosophy: the competition is for amateurs so we believe that the ideal approach is to enjoy it with passion and spirit, and a dose of common sense, in remembering that it is the drive of competition that makes the race more amusing.

To encourage participation at different levels, Felice Gimondi has always proposed 3 different routes, better known as the Short route (89.4 km), Medium route (128.8 km) and Long route (162.10 km). According to their training and state of mind on that day, each athlete can choose the most suitable distance for his/her level of preparation: ”Am I going to take part or not? Why not, if it comes to the worst, I’ll do the Short route”.

We believe in the educational value of sport: on the one hand, as a universal value that eliminates all cultural barriers; on the other, in the case of cycling in particular, as a tool for environmental education and respect of nature.

Last but not least, the quality of the event and professional organisation.

Planning this competition is a job, but also a great passion. The same passion that we put in every element of the event as a whole: routes, safety and first aid, promo-advertising material, PA bureaucratic management, logistic services, and lots more.

For information, our organisational secretary’s office is open almost 365 days a year: write to us, call or visit us to obtain the answers you are looking for.