The Granfondo

The Granfondo Felice Gimondi Bianchi is an international competition for 4fun cyclists, named after the legendary Felice Gimondi. Yearly scheduled on early May in Bergamo, the event – now joining its 24th edition – is suitable for riders of all levels and ages. GF Gimondi is held in one of the hubs of Italian cycling, the province of Bergamo, which is a land of sports, sport champions and outstanding touristic attractions.

The first edition took place on 5th May 1996, from there on the event quickly became very famous in the Italian and worldwide granfondo series, included in the prestigious UCI calendar.

Each edition has been dedicated to one of Gimondi’s greatest performances, illustrated by a graphic theme on the official jersey. After sharing many of Felice career’s highlights, the prestigious and iconic Bianchi bicycles brand has become the event’s title sponsor for several years.

One of the keynotes of the event is the ‘’slow ride’’ philosophy: as the competition is open to amateurs, the ideal approach is to enjoy it with passion and spirit, combining the competition with healthy fun.

The Granfondo Felice Gimondi Bianchi firmly believes in the educational value of sport, as a universal asset that breaks down all cultural barriers. In this respect, cycling teaches the value of effort and commitment, perfectly embodied by Felice Gimondi himself. Moreover, the Granfondo roads are open to e-bikes, gravel, MTBs, tandems, city bikes and even folding bikes, with the aim of promoting cycling as a tool of environmental education and respect for nature.

To encourage participation at different levels, Felice Gimondi has always proposed three different routes, known as the Short route (89.4 km), Medium route (128.8 km) and Long route (162.10 km). According to everyone’s training and level of preparation, the participants can choose ongoing distance suited to their abilities, finding an excellent organisation and high safety standards all over the place.

Managing this competition is a hard job and a great passion likewise: the OC led by Giuseppe Manenti with the whole GMS staff employs all energy into every element of the event as a whole: routes, safety and first aid, promo-advertising material, PA management and logistic services.

To provide every information, the OC secretariat stays open 365 days a year.