84.609 cyclist at the start

84.609 cyclists have lived the extraordinary emotion of the start in these 22nd editions. From its first edition on 5th May 1996, the international Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi Bianchi has brought 84.609 cyclists to the streets of Bergamo, among whom 69.848 “finishers”, meaning the total winners of the 22nd editions disputed so far, including a few renowned figures: from the great champions, travelling companions of Felice Gimondi, to important figures of the entrepreneurial, sports and entertainment world, all to be remembered, including the “32 punctual” cyclists, meaning those who have punctually assisted at the start and finish of the twentyone editions of International Grandfondo Felice Gimondi Bianchi.

1st Edition5 May 19963.0692.863
2nd Edition11 May 19974.3623.924
3rd Edition10 May 19984.1273.648
4th Edition9 May 19992.8652.413
5th Edition7 May 20003.4653.006
6th Edition13 May 20014.2003.750
7th Edition12 May 20024.3793.972
8th Edition11 May 20034.2243.585
9th Edition9 May 20044.2613.679
10th Edition15 May 20053.8883.192
11th Edition7 May 20063.8523.215
12th Edition13 May 20074.8704.075
13th Edition11 May 20084.4583.798
14th Edition17 May 20094.2123.567
15th Edition25 April 20103.9073.356
16th Edition15 May 20113.4621.629
17th Edition13 May 20122.9931.375
18th Edition4 May 20142.2181.910
19th Edition10 May 20153.7473.098
20th Edition 14 May 20163.904 3.196 
21st Edition 7 May 20174.1143.315
22nd Edition6 May 20184.0323.287